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Welcome to Geniox!

Geniox is a global connectivity and service provider for wholesale IoT. We empower MNOs, MVNOs and B2B customers to offer cost-efficient global connectivity solutions and IoT asset deployments around the globe.

Your global connectivity and IoT partner

At Geniox we believe in connectivity, because IoX (internet of everything) is in our genetic business code. We provide cellular connectivity wherever you are with our 30+ local operator profiles, while focusing on delivering the best quality of service and giving you access to 600+ networks in 210+ countries worldwide.

Geniox eSIM

Our multi-profile eSIM cards give you instant access to 600+ Cellular Networks in 210+ countries. We also offer eSIMs to help you futureproof connectivity. Maximise your ROI with a single SKU that hosts multiple MNO profiles and an online platform for managing them.

IoT sectors and use cases

Because every IoT use case and every customer has different requirements, Geniox helps you design and manage your custom IoT solution by providing flexible and bespoke connectivity and platform configurations in order to improve your business. Forget the SIM swap and let our eSIM do its magic.

Geniox Management Platform and eSIM Subscription Manager

We provide a scalable solution for global eSIM deployment. Our fully manageable platforms organise and manage the profile configuration for our eSIMs, provide HLR lookup capabilities and enable the remote management of your IoT assets and eSIMs.
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Geniox an integral part of the global IoT connectivity infrastructure

We started years ago with a clear goal to redefine M2M connectivity and become an integral part of global IoT infrastructure. We designed and built the Geniox cloud-based IoT Platform and performed a complex but necessary core network integration, with currently 30+ MNOs integrated and more integrations planned for the coming years. This allows us to configure our intelligent multi-profile M2M eSIM (available in all eSIM factors such as MFF2, 2FF, 3FF and 4FF) with remote management and update capabilities with 30+ local MNO profiles from 6 different continents.

IoT sectors and use cases.

Geniox provides IoT and global connectivity solutions for all industries: energy, smart metering, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, broadcasting and media, retail, smart cities, transportation, maritime, B2B and MVNOs.
Broadcast and Media.
To ensure lower latency, network redundancy and improved network availability, Geniox offers a single SIM, multi-profile solution that allows our broadcast customers to connect each SIM to a different MNO provider and to a different network based on either pre-personalisation or remote over-the-air configuration.
Maritime near-shore and offshore connectivity.
Dedicated connectivity solutions for our maritime customers, providing remote provisioning capabilities and local, low latency, pay-as-you-go, pool data or data packages anywhere in the world, in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, as well as offshore connectivity in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico.
Tailored B2B and B2G IoT solutions.
Geniox provides B2B, IoT and MVNO customers with a secure, multi-profile eSIM connectivity solution, enabling them to manage their IoT assets in the field via our Connectivity Management Platform. One SIM, multiple local profiles that adapt and change automatically to provide the best available QoS and avoid any persistent roaming issues.
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Geniox IoT Management Platform.

Our IoT Management Platform is the online self-care portal and cockpit for managing your M2M SIMs and IoT assets. Control your usage, set alarms, set usage limits per card, secure your SIMs deployed in the field, track your devices, provide your customers with a state of the art IoT platform with easy white labelling and out of the box service provider options such as pricing, billing, analytics and many other options.
  • Global multi-profile IoT eSIM cards (MultiISMI)
  • Remote eSIM subscription management and OTA provisioning
  • Non-steered roaming and fully configurable PLMNs
  • Single platform to monitor, manage and control your eSIMs and connectivity costs
  • GSMA SGP.02.(M2M) & SGP.22 (Consumer Devices) certified eSIMs
  • Global connectivity, multiple profiles, fallback connectivity profiles, one SIM, one invoice

We believe in partnerships

To offer best-in-class services and connectivity, Geniox collaborates with strategic Partners carefully selected for their advanced network quality, geographical footprint, solutions and expertise. Here you can find a selection of our strategic partners and memberships:
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