About Geniox

About Geniox

Leader in global IoT connectivity and subscription management. Geniox provides simple and secure connectivity for IoT devices. With over twenty-five years of experience between our founders and management team, Geniox is an integral part of the global IoT infrastructure. We are focused on giving our customers the tools to succeed and the freedom of choice when it comes to connecting their IoT devices and planning their global IoT connectivity strategy.

One vendor, one SIM, one platform, one contract, but 30+ operator profiles and 600+ networks

GENIOX Mobile is a leading provider of (remotely) programmable eUICC SIM cards, PaaS M2M Subscription Manager, MultiIMSI eSIM and OTA servers, core and backend network components and a state-of-the-art M2M platform for business applications requiring flexible and reliable global connectivity.
Why Geniox?
30+ operator profiles
Remotely OTA and SM managed eSIM offering
50%+ year on year growth
Self Service managing portal and 24/7 support

Our mission

To create the easiest path to high quality and scalable global connectivity with a single, remotely managed and configurable eSIM, offering our customers freedom of choice for operator profiles and networks through our subscription management and IoT platforms. The Geniox platform provides connectivity for anything, anywhere, on any cellular standard, with no network lock-in or restrictions.